RIP Mr. Jynx

I really hate when I go weeks on end without writing a blog post.  But unfortunately there has been a lot going on the past six weeks and this blog post I have been trying to sit down and write but have not been able to.

In the past five weeks, I have taken my son to the ER three times (plus one hospital visit for the cast clinic) for a fractured arm and no stitches from trying to put his teeth through his bottom lip after falling face first from the monkey bars.  Of course my partner was out of town for all but one of those visits.

The one high over the past six weeks was watching my partner walk across the stage to receive her Phd at UBCO.  I could not be prouder of her for having reached this major milestone in her academic career.

But unfortunately that high was cut short when we arrived home to my faithful companion of 12 years lying dead in our hallway.  This was somewhat out of the blue and to say I was devastated when I found him would be an understatement.

I have never in my life felt so much grief, sorrow, sadness and shock as I did when I got home that day and my heart breaking upon seeing him.  The bond I had with this cat is indescribable and I was in such a state of grief (coupled with everything else that has been going on) that I could not function for several days.

Mr. Jynx

Mr. Jynx – July 2001 to June 6, 2013

I came home from a dance very late one night 11.5 years ago to find one extremely scared kitten on my doorstep.  My friends were all completely freaked out and as they got closer, thought it was a deformed cat.  I swooped in to pick him up and take him into the house.  I thought he was so cute, I did not have the heart to take him to the SPCA.  Truth be told, my partner at the time and I didn’t put any effort into finding out if he belonged to someone because we wanted to keep him.

At the time, I certainly never thought he would have added to my life what he did.  He and I have been through a lot together.  At some point in our 12 year relationship, he started coming to bed every night for cuddles and be there in the morning when I awoke albeit some mornings, needing some coaxing to come out from under the bed which made me late for work some days.

Mr. Jynx

Jynx liked to nestle into our belongs including our bags and backpacks (I wrote a blog post about Carry on Kitty last Summer after taking a photo of him in my bag).  Whenever I was upset, he would come and sit right beside me with his upper body laying up my side, paws over my heart.  He hated that he was not allowed to climb onto me after the two surgeries I had in the past three years and was so happy when he could finally lay on the area of my incisions.

I miss his many voices, purrs, cuddles, feeling his soft fur and the very, very rare times he would sniff at my face and lick my eyelids.  Most of all, I miss him every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up and he is not there.

Whoever made up the superstition of a “black cat crossing your path is bad luck” obviously never met my cat.

RIP Mr. Jynx.  You were a great companion for 12 years.
I will always love and miss you  <3