Crystal Healing Coursework finished!

When I look at my schedule over the next few weeks, my Dreamboard Goals page and where I am heading, I feel pretty good.  The next six weeks, will be the start of the last of the shift into my new career into Health and Wellness.

Starting in March, I will be booking at least two sessions per week for me to utilize my Practitioner skills – even if that means they are just practice sessions with co-workers, family and on my partner.  Right now practicing with my newly acquired skills is more important to me then earning a wage from it since I do have work that pays.  As my confidence builds and I become more comfortable in this role, I will work on booking paying clients.  My hopes are that at some point this year, I will have to give up my role as Office Manager and have enough clients to allow me to make the switch.

Last weekend I attempted to audit the Touch for Health Level 1 class but was feeling quite out of it.  I didn’t think I would make it to lunch on Saturday but somehow made it through the day.  Sunday, I ended up staying home and was feeling quite off most of last week.  Unfortunately that meant no blogging or photography last weekend.

Thursday, I was nose to the grindstone trying to get my Level 3 exam finished for the one crystal healing course and then finished up my Final Assignment and graduation application for the other course.  It felt SO good to finally get both of those done, submitted and crossed off the list on my Dreamboard Goals page.  I am still awaiting word as to whether or not I passed (which I should).

And of course, Thursday my phone kept ringing (it next to never rings), I had an inbox full of messages and text messages which is also unusual for me.  By the time I had finished my course work, I had about an hour to spend with my son before heading out the door for a meeting.

I think it was all a test to see whether or not I would let anything else distract me from finishing my course work that I was trying to complete by the end of last week.  But for the most part, I ignored the ringing phone, emails and text messages until I could get to them later.

Now to see what else life throws at me to try and get me off track again between my career and personal health and wellness goals!