Burger 55 Penticton

Two years ago when my BIL was in Penticton, he discovered Burger 55 using a restaurant app on his cell phone.  My partner bought a Groupon for Burger 55 and we went there earlier this year with my BIL and SIL.  Ever since that first trip, I crave burgers from Burger 55.

Burger 55 to go

Burger 55 burger and sweet whiskey onion rings to go with packets of Heinz.

My son and I went to Penticton last week for lunch and to play at the beach while my partner was working.  I am yet to go crazy on burger toppings but tend to get the Beef Burger with 55 barbecue, cilantro, roasted garlic, banana peppers and roasted red pepper on a 55 (cheese, herb and onion) bun.

Burger 55 burger

Burger 55 burger with 55 barbecue, cilantro, roasted garlic, banana peppers and roasted red pepper on a 55 bun.

I also enjoy their sweet whiskey onion rings:

Burger 55 sweet whiskey onion rings

Burger 55 sweet whiskey onion rings

And of course, my sons “chicken and fries”:

Burger 55 chicken and fries

Burger 55 chicken and fries

The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here recently wrapped up filming at Burger 55 (You Gotta Eat Here chows down in Penticton at Burger 55) which is estimated to air in early 2013.

I am hoping to make another trip or two to Burger 55 before the Winter freeze.  I was wanting to try their salmon burger with grilled peach during peach season.

Do you enjoy burgers?  What are your favourite toppings?

Storm Before the Calm

Two weeks ago, we were disappointed to find out that there was a gradual entry into full-time Kindergarten for our son.  Like most parents, we were eagerly anticipating it being September 5th and our child being at school for most of the day but he does not actually start full days until tomorrow.  Yesterday and today were half days and tomorrow he *finally* starts his first full day of Kindergarten.

This has unfortunately mucked up our week between my heading back to work and my partner being back at UBCO for the Fall semester.  Currently I work Mondays and Fridays, 9am to 5pm and Wednesdays from 9 to 1:30pm.  I have to pick my son up from Kindergarten by 2:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  This leaves me with Tuesday and Thursday mornings to myself with thoughts of heading into the office on Thursday mornings to work as a practitioner.

Having no childcare, starting back to work last week and auditing the Touch for Health Level One over the weekend, I was really looking forward to my break this afternoon.  I really enjoyed auditing Level One of Touch for Health but it meant the potential for upwards of 2-3 weeks between my blogging sessions due to other commitments I have right now.  When I was setting my Blogging Goal, I had figured I would get more posts written during August because we were doing things and would slow down as we got into September and back into our weekly routine in Kelowna.

Now I must head to pick up my son from Kindergarten.  I am hoping he’s ready for a snack because I could sure use one.  I am hoping he’ll be up for a trip to Dunn Enzies for a slice of pizza.  It is our favourite pizza place in Kelowna and one of three places he requests when asked what he wants for lunch.

The Chopped Leaf

While out with a friend several months ago, we decided to try The Chopped Leaf (which I was very happy to discover is a franchise from Kamloops).  I had driven past it several times at Orchard Plaza but never stopped in to try their fresh food.

I have been a couple of times since and quite enjoy their Signature Salad which is composed of romaine lettuce, onion (which I decline), cranberries, feta, roasted pecans and croutons with chopped balsamic:

The Chopped Leaf Kelowna

I have tried it both with chicken and prawns and as you can see from the pics, declined the protein on my last trip there.  For some reason, I find their menu a bit overwhelming, at least, any time I have gone, there is a lineup of people behind me which has me defaulting back to the Chopped Signature.

Chopped Signature Salad

I find it unfortunate that the bits I love the most are always on the bottom of the bowl and I didn’t snap up a pic of it.  I suppose it saves the best for last:  the pecans, cranberries and feta all mixed up in the bottom of the bowl.

I will have to venture from my staple salad when I use my Groupon at the Bernard Avenue location.  The three times I went to The Chopped Leaf over the Summer, I wanted to try other items on the menu but eating hot food in 35 degree heat just was not as appealing as a salad.

Now that it is cooling off, I will have to try their quesadilla and soup!