Dreamboard Goals – Reviews and Revisions

The downside to being back at work, is my blog has become neglected as well as working on other goals.  Diminishing my time even further, are two websites I have been working on.  Thankfully, I have been out with my camera three times since I last photo-blogged about our trip to Mission Creek Park two weeks ago.  Which brings me to re-evaluating my Dreamboard Goals.

Goal Completed Early:  Publish 30 Photos to Flickr by October 31, 2012

On August 9th, I set a goal of uploading 30 photos to my Flickr account by October 31st.  As you can see from the screenshot below, I almost met that goal in August alone uploading 28 photos!  As it sits today, I have uploaded 81 photos which is 170% more then what I set my goal at of 30!

Posted to Flickr

In August, I took 265 photos and posted 28 (or 11%).  In September, I took 462 and posted 53 (of 69 or 15%).  There are another 16 that will have to wait until tomorrow due to upload limits.  These numbers do not include any really bad photos already deleted and I almost never double up photos being posted to my blog versus those I post to Flickr.

I am very picky about what photos I post to my Flickr account and not just because of the 300MB/month upload limit with my free account.  I do not understand why people post ALL of their photos which usually means multiples of the same shot are posted.  I also do not do any post processing of my photos – only the best, raw photos of what I shoot end up on Flickr.

I had considered this goal essentially accomplished last month but I wanted to ensure I kept it up through September.  I set this goal as an incentive to justify paying for a Flickr Pro Account since at the time, I was no where near reaching the 300MB/month upload limit.  Today, my account is at 99% of the 300MB limit:

Flickr account at 99 Percent

This morning I was about to upload two of my last three outings when I realized there was no way I would be able to upload all of the photos I wanted because of the upload limit.  I uploaded four photos from our trip to Bear Creek Park last weekend and as many as I could from another outing in fear of not being able to post my 50 photos in October.

There is a chance I might have to upgrade due to not being able to upload all the photos I shoot in the next three months!

New Photography Goal:  Publish 50 Photos Per Month in October and November

I would have published 69 in the month of September if not for the limit and will consider September month 1 of 3 for posting 50 Photos to Flickr per month.

My reward in December will be upgrading my Flickr account to Pro for two years (even more of a reward if I can get it as a Solstice gift!)

Goal on Track:  Publish 60 Blog posts by December 31, 2012

Even with a couple of extended times between publishing blog posts, I am still on track to meet my goal to Publish 60 Blog posts by December 31, 2012.  With this blog post, that leaves me 20 more blog posts to publish before the end of the year.  I don’t feel the need at this point to revise this goal and comfortable with where it is at and how it is progressing.

Killed Goal:  Weight Loss – Lose 60 lbs by May 1, 2013

I pretty much gave up on this goal in the past few weeks when I realized that I really need to break this goal down into more manageable pieces.  While the overall goal is to lose 60lbs, that number is very overwhelming and looking at it makes me beat myself up even more with every slip.

Revised Goal:  Weight to 215lbs

This has been a weight loss goal I have been trying to achieve since I gained back the last 40 of the 65lbs I had lost 7-8 years ago.  I have had a very hard time breaking the 220lb mark but was below it for a brief time in the Spring when I was trying to lose weight for surgery.  This is the weight I was at when I met my partner.

Delayed Goals:

As much as I would love to take my Touch for Health Proficiency and Touch for Health Instructors Training in November, finances are unfortunately dictating otherwise.  At this point, I do not see myself doing either until Fall 2013.  I have already audited my TFH1 and will be doing 2 through 4 as well.

New Goals:

I have added Becoming a Practitioner to my list of goals.

I definitely need to sit down and re-prioritize my goals and see if anything else needs to be added, revised or removed from my Dreamboard Goals.  Top of the list right now is finishing off my Crystal Healing courses and becoming a Touch for Health Practitioner and Crystal Healing Practitioner.  While I technically am Practitioners of both, I want to actually be practicing and making money doing it.

Mission Creek Park

We finally made it to the Kokanee Salmon Run at Mission Creek Park before most of the fish had started dying!  We have made it a few times over the past four years but usually not until most of the fish had already died off.  Yesterday was the first time we saw very few dead fish.

Kokanee Salmon Run

Kokanee Salmon Run at Mission Creek Park, Kelowna

We went for our usual walk around which starts at the Environmental Education Centre where we cross the bridge, head left, cross the next bridge back over the creek and come back down.  On our way up the creek, we came across a lot of squirrels running about on the wooden railings.  I thankfully snapped two photos of this squirrel before it decided to jump ship because there were people walking from the other side of it:

Jumping Squirrel

Jumping Squirrel ship from the railing.

We knew there were bears in the area as there normally are at this time of the year because of all the Kokanee Salmon in the creek.  This fact was emphasized by five giant piles of bear scat we passed during our walk.

Mission Creek

Mission Creek view from a bridge.

Every time I visit, I ask myself why I do not visit Mission Creek Park more often.  I was going on hour long walks there in the Spring.  Perhaps it is time that I start doing so on my Tuesday/Thursday mornings off.