Yamato West Kelowna

On my way home from downtown where I was touching up my resume, I drove through the parking lot of the new Lake Okanagan Shopping Centre that is at the new Westside Road Interchange to see if any more businesses had opened up yet.

The RBC doors were open, although the TD bank says it’s open 7 days a week, it didn’t look like it was open.  Now, in addition to the DQ, Sammy J’s, Shoppers Drug Mart, Landmark Cinema and Dollarama, the Yamato in West Kelowna opened up this morning!

When I mentioned this to my partner after returning home and us all being hungry and lazy in not wanting to make lunch, we headed up the road to try it out.  We ordered:

  • Yam Roll
  • Avocado Roll
  • Dynamite Roll
  • Tamago Nigiri
  • Edamame
  • Appetizer Sampler
  • Nutty Chicken

The food was amazingly good!  By far the best yam roll I have ever had!  The peanut sauce that came with the Appetizer Sampler and the peanut sauce (can’t confirm if they are the same sauce, I don’t believe so) with the Nutty Chicken was extremely flavourful.  I was happy to see the full sized shrimp in the spring rolls on the Appetizer Sampler.  I have never had Beef Lemongrass Skewers before and would definitely have them again.  I was also impressed with the size and amount of avocado in the Avocado Roll.

The only downfall was the bill which thankfully my partner covered.  Didn’t put much thought into the cost of the meal which was kind of akin to going grocery shopping on an empty tummy.   The service was great and I definitely would go back again – but not order so much food.  We left with two containers of leftovers which is never a bad thing but just under $60 for lunch before tip is a bit much.  We could have done without the Nutty Chicken and have gotten a smaller sized appetizer.

Unfortunately in my hunger, I didn’t even think to snap a photo until halfway through my soft serve cone over at the Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen

Now that I am sufficiently stuffed, it’s time to work on helping can the 25+ pounds of cherries my partner picked up yesterday!

Resume and Cover Letter Updated

Happy to report that my resume is very close to being ready to start handing out to potential employers!  Also drafted up a cover letter.  Just need to print both out and give it a good scrub before distributing to employers.

We head back down to Vancouver on Tuesday and are gone for a week, returning on August 7th.  I am planning on starting my job search in the week after we get back from Vancouver and really hoping to be back to work come September.  Because of the economy, my bank balance and listening to people in this town whine about not being able to find work, I am concerned about how quickly I will be back to work.  The economy is quite different now from four years ago when I was being offered employment on the spot.  I am anticipating that with school going back in soon that positions should be opening up for September over the next few weeks.

I have also drafted up an initial Holistic Healing resume in hopes that I can find some leads on gaining employment with my new career.  If that does not pan out, I am hoping to be doing some volunteer work to gain practice with Touch for Health.

Mid-Summer Evaluation of Goals

It has been a busy past two weeks since I posted last!  Thankfully in which I have done a lot of things to keep up with the goals/tasks list I had set out for myself in Back to Reality.


One thing I was really looking forward to during my visit home, was heading out with a buddy of mine to take photographs.  On Halloween last year, we went to Courtenay for my partner to conduct research for her PhD.  While she was doing that, my buddy, my son and I went for a beautiful walk down to the waterfront taking photos.  My son was just gleeful picking up giant handfuls of very colorful leaves.

During the Victoria Day long weekend, just my son and I went home to visit my family.  The three of us headed up to the Englishman River Falls and my buddy was showing me the new dSLR he had acquired.  I unfortunately didn’t take my camera with me that day.

When I was home this last trip, with my camera in tow, we went back up to Englishman River Falls and then headed to Rathtrevor Beach.

I really need to learn more about the non-auto point and shoot settings on my camera so I can take some better photos.  I have never been one to post shoot, edit my photographs.  My own bias is that photo editing is not photography – taking raw photos is.

Blog postings

When I hit “publish” on this post, that will be number five for the month of July!  I know there are bloggers out there that post more then that in a day, hell, even in an hour but I have never been very good at getting blog posts out even though I have several of them I would like to publish.  So for me, this is a really great start back into my blogging efforts.

Crystal Healing Courses

There has been several hours spent reading and writing two exams for one of the Crystal Healing courses I have been taking.  Yesterday I submitted two of those exams and received one back thus far stating I had “passed with flying colours”!  With that, I can now add “Crystal Healing Practitioner” to my Holistic Healing resume.  As I was reading through the comments she added to my exam, my eyes started welling up with tears when I read:

Jake you are going to be a great healer, you absolutely get what healing is about…

This is far from the first time I have heard this from someone in the field.  Being in this field thus far has been the polar opposite of my previous career where it didn’t seem to matter how well I did on anything, I was almost never given positive feedback and constantly felt like my supervisors punching bag.

The other Crystal Healing course I have been taking, I did all the exams for in March and April and aced all of them except for one on which I got one question wrong.  I still have to do three Crystal Healing sessions in order to get certified with them.  It is unfortunate that it  has been this long since I finished the exams and have not yet completed the course.

….but, during my trip home over Spring Break, I came home with the nastiest allergy flare up I have ever had in my life!  And it lasted for over two months including migraines, ear aches and a whole lotta facial tissue consumption!  At the tail end of that, my son got the chicken pox which I had not yet had – but did two weeks later.  At the tail end of that, I got the six week call for the surgery that I am two months post op tomorrow from.  All of this after I had my tea leaves read during which she told me to up the anti on “Love, Tranquility and Health.  Because your health could be gone *snap* just like that.”  And seemingly it was from March up until now as I get back to normal from surgery.  Surgery recovery has gone incredibly great other then the days of exhaustion I have which seems to be tapering out.

By the end of Summer, I am hoping to have the third level and exam done and to have had the three healing sessions required for the other course.  Looking at this goal as having four major tasks to do, I am sitting at 50% done.  Looking at it from the perspective of hours to complete the tasks, I would consider myself about 70% done.  Getting the third level readings and exam done are totally feasible.  The three healing sessions are dependent on me finding three different people with their spare time for me to do the healing sessions.

Eating Healthy and Exercise

Unfortunately when I went to snap a photo of my pedometer for posting today, last Wednesday and Thursday’s numbers are no longer there because it only holds information for seven days and automatically turns over on its own.

I did have a 26,000+ steps day last Wednesday and a 12,000+ steps day on Thursday!  I don’t quite remember the exact number and really kicking myself in the butt for not having snapped a photo with my cell phone camera at the end of those days.  Lesson learned!

Local fruits and vegetables are just coming into season here.  Last trip to the store was the first of the Okanagan Peaches and cherries came into season here two weeks ago.   Have not yet tried the peaches and have probably been eating way too many cherries.  Our diets are generally pretty healthy when it comes to cooking meals.  It is the snacks that need to be worked on in our house and it has been really challenging this Summer with weekly road trips down to Vancouver.  I am still craving sugar post-op but not nearly as much as I was.  I am hoping this is an indication that my body is getting closer to being to a recovered enough state that my exhaustion’s might soon cease.  I do know it will take at least year or more for the body to fully recover.

Pride Season

I am happy looking at the calendar to see that we are getting closer to the end of my partner teaching at SFU which means no more weekly commutes for her.  Next weekend we will be in Vancouver during Pride but I’m not sure if we’ll be taking in any events while we are down there.  Our calendar may already be full with family visits and BBQs.

Okanagan Pride is happening from August 12 to 19th and I am coordinating volunteers which is slowly but surely filling out.  It has been amazing watching the business community in Kelowna getting involved this year.  As much as I am looking forward to participating in Okanagan Pride this year, I am really looking forward to it being August 20th and all over.  After that, I will have two weeks left of Summer to finish up my Summer goals.


I did pull out the pieces for my dreamboard and in doing so, realized that some of those pieces need changing.  The overall is good but there are pieces in there that I am programming for that I need to find.  I am also starting to see how I can tie in what I have been learning about Crystals to help manifest these dreams.  It is still on my task list but may be pushed into September at this point while I find some missing pieces to complete my board.

Practice, Practice, Practice

On top of all this, I still need to be getting in practice with Touch for Health.  I have sat a few times to re-read the Touch for Health Manual.  At this point, I do have until end of November to prepare for Proficiency although I am stressing about whether or not I will have the finances to pay for the three courses I want to take this Fall – something else I need to be programming for.

Resume and Cover Letter

And with that, I need to find a job.  It is hard to believe that I have not worked in almost 20 months now.  I have been so incredibly thankful that money has found its way into my life to ensure I would not have to go back to work post LTD before having recovered from my surgery that I waited six years for.

I have been ready to head back to work part-time since March when I started getting antsy from sitting around for so long not doing much.  But figured it wasn’t worth it when I had the money and would just have to quit once I got my surgery date and my doctors agreed.  I waited from October until April for a surgery date following my consult with the surgeon.

The Future

Now that I have overcome a hurdle in my life that I have been waiting to get to for years, even though I still have days of exhaustion, I finally feel like I can be a functioning member of society and move on in my life!

Having written this blog post is enough for me to validate how and why I have not been able to move forward in my life.  I finally have motivation to do stuff.  I finally feel like I’m moving forward.  I finally feel comfortable in my own skin!


Got 100% on my second Crystal Healing Exam!