Reiki 1 Attunded

I am quite happy to have finally started my Reiki training yesterday!

I was first introduced to Reiki over 20 years ago through a close family friend who also does intuitive readings.  My first experience of non-medical care was her doing a Reiki session on me a few months after my car accident in 2001.  I have been interested in learning as much as I can about energy healing ever since.  

I have had a few Reiki Master friends over the years who have offered to teach me Reiki but the timing has never lined up to allow for it to happen.  I was ecstatic when I found someone who could teach me while also helping to apply the science to energy medicine! 

While I certainly do not need to know exactly how the body works to do the type of work I do, it certainly helps.  I am the type of person who wants to know how and why things work the way they do.  When the opportunity came up for me to learn from someone who has a science background and can apply the science, I was ecstatic!

I am hoping to be ready to take the next level of Reiki in the Fall.  Until then, much practice will be had between myself, partner, son and kitties.

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Go Fish!

For the past two years, I have been wanting to take my son out to the Go Fish! program that is put on by the Regional District:

On Sunday, May 4 join program staff and volunteers at the special fishing area in Shannon Lake Regional Park. The program then runs each weekend until June 16, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The program offers youth ages 15 and under, a chance to catch one rainbow trout each day without a fishing licence. A limited number of rods, reels and bait will be available each weekend for youngsters to use and try their luck!
-District of West Kelowna

Unfortunately my social anxieties, his age, and my fear of him coming home with a hook in his nose has stopped me from taking him the prior two seasons.

I have been wanting to get back into fishing since we moved to the Okanagan.  Growing up, we used to go salmon fishing at Deep Bay every summer in Bowser, BC.  I always looked forward to Spring when softball started.  As softball drew to a close, my birthday came and went, school ended and I would spent most of my Summer up at the trailer with my grandmother, cousins, aunt and uncle fishing and playing in the ocean.  Oh how I miss the ocean and long for the day that we move back to it!

This year, I finally felt he was old enough at the ripe old age of six to take him fishing.  We went for the first time last Sunday hoping it had not been canceled because of the long weekend.  We were thinking it would not be that busy between it being the long weekend and the weather being a bit dismal.  Given those two factors, we were surprised at how busy it was!

I had taken two rods & reels with us.  One was a rod I had bought for $5 on sale and with a store coupon for him to use with his kite.  The reel busted within a few casts and needless to say, I was not impressed.  I quickly set up the other rod so he could get back to fishing.  After failing to cast even remotely okay with the cheap fishing rod, I was thankful to get to using a reel that I was more familiar with and could actually get out into the middle of the lake and past the weeds.

While we did not come home with a fish, we certainly had a few bites and had to re-bait because of it.  He seemed to enjoy himself and we will head to the lake again today to fish for a couple of hours in hopes of bringing something home for dinner.

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Getting Back on My Feet

While it was certainly not an easy decision to resign from my Office Manager position, the pros certainly outweighed the cons in terms of what I was needing in my life.  I wanted to be working downtown, closer to home, a transit pass, off earlier in the day, a schedule that worked with school and to get back on my feet for more exercise while I was working.

The downsides of having left are that I worked with some amazing people, witnessed amazing transformations in their clients lives and my having finally put my business skills to use has come to an end, at least, for now.

The worst part is the Biology class I was wanting to take over the summer was at an absolute crap time (right in the middle of the day!) which unfortunately would not have worked with either work schedule.  Biology will have to wait until September when I am hoping to get an afternoon (if not evening) class.  

For now, I am quite happy to have secured a morning shift that has me working Monday to Friday and I am off by 12:30pm.  I start my regular shift tomorrow morning and rode transit to work on Friday for the first time since before my son was born in September of 2007.  It felt great to be back on transit for my ride that was a whopping seven minutes short.  

Being back on my feet to work has felt great so far!  Even though my body has ached in protest.  I know it will take a few weeks for my body to adjust to having to wake up so early, be on my feet for so long and of course, the 15 minute walk up to the bus stop on what has to be at least a 30 degree incline.

Because I will not be taking any classes over the Summer, I will focus back on studying and working with the holistic healthcare classes I have taken.  I am excited that should everything work out, I will finally be getting Reiki training next month!  Reiki is something I have been wanting to learn for years.  I have several friends who are Reiki Masters willing to teach me but the timing has never been right.  Ever since taking my crystal healing courses, I have wanted even more to add Reiki to my tool belt for use with the crystal healing because the two pair really well together.  

The space is now cleared in the office for me to set up my massage table.  I have put the “door” back up that I took down a few years ago and the baby gate to see if they will stop the kitten from getting into the office.  I am fearing if either of our cats gets into the office, they will tear my massage table to shreds.  I want to be able to set up the table and not have to take it down with each use.  So far, so good and fingers crossed that it means they are officially kept out of the office.  My goal is two practice sessions per week.

Now to find a few bodies that I can practice on!

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